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  • Mclaren Senna’S Toy Rated 8000 Dollars

    McLaren Senna’s toy rated 8000 dollars The British company Amalgam, specializing in the release of large-scale models, presented a reduced copy of the McLaren Senna hypercar. The detailed model made on the scale of 1: 8, estimated at least $ 8,184. The price of the machine made in accordance with the wishes of the client […]

  • Mclaren Senna: Extreme 800-Strong Hypercar In Honor Arton Senna

    McLaren Senna: Extreme 800-Strong Hypercar in Honor Arton Senna McLaren Automotive introduced its most extreme road vehicle – 800-strong Senna Midnoger Hypercar. The Car Is Named After The Three-Time Champion of Formula 1 Airmon Senna, WH SPENT THE FACTORY TEAM OF THE BRAND FROM 1988 TOEM OF THE 1993. The Manufacturer Calls An Exclusively Track […]

  • Mclaren Says Goodbye To His Headquarters

    McLaren says goodbye to his headquarters British company McLaren Group is going to put up for sale his headquarters in Woking. However, the new playground is not to search for a brand: after the sale, the company will remain on its base, but already as a tenant. Supercar manufacturer will have to look for a […]

  • Mclaren Ruler Will Be Fully Hybrid

    McLaren ruler will be fully hybrid In the next three or four years, McLaren ruler will be fully hybrid. The first rechargeable supercar built on a new platform and equipped with an electric full-wheel drive will be shown until the end of 2020. In an interview with CAR AND DRIVER, the executive director McLaren Mike […]

  • Mclaren Reported New Data On The Heir Model F1

    McLaren reported new data on the heir model F1 McLaren Automotive as part of the presentation of the concept car P1 for potential customers in New York told about the changes that will happen to the prototype before it is launched into a series. This is reported by AUTOCAR magazine with reference to an unnamed […]

  • Mclaren Removed From Production Supercar 600lt

    McLaren removed from production Supercar 600LT The last assembled car line 600LT Coupe has become simultaneously the anniversary 1000th car dealership McLaren London car. Now you can order only Rhodster 600LT Spider. From the conveyor of the plant in British Woking, the county of Surrey, the last instance of the McLaren 600LT Coupe compartment. The […]

  • Mclaren Released The Charged Supercar Mp4-12c With Supermarined Circulation

    McLaren released the charged supercar MP4-12C with supermarined circulation YouTube video hosting appeared a video, which captured a special modification of the McLaren MP4-12C supercar called High Sport. According to the author of this video, the novelty is released by a limited edition of five copies, and two of them belong to the head of […]

  • Mclaren Released A 10 Thousandth Car

    McLaren released a 10 thousandth car McLaren has released a 10 thousandth car in modern history. "Jubilee" machine has become a 570s double-door in Ceramic Gray color from the MSO special unit. The first supercar of the brand in modern history was MP4-12C, its production started after the opening of the company’s production center in […]

  • Mclaren Refuses To Create Its First Crossover

    McLaren refuses to create its first crossover McLaren ponders the creation of the first crossover in its history, reports AutoCar with reference to the main designer of the brand Robert Melville. However, according to him, it will require the company of millions of pounds. The main problem is the lack of a platform suitable for […]

  • Mclaren Refused To Sell In The Us Everyday Supercar

    McLaren refused to sell in the US everyday supercar McLaren refused to sell a new model in the United States – the most affordable supercar 540c, which was represented by spring on the Shanghai Auto Show. This edition of Motor Trend reported in the press service of the British brand. The publication appealed to McLaren […]