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  • Peugeot Showed A Concept Crossover To The Premiere

    Peugeot showed a concept crossover to the premiere Peugeot has published a video exposing a new brand crossover. World Premiere of Concept-Kara Peugeot Urban Crossover Concept will be held at the International Motor Show in Beijing. The design of the compact crossover was developed by the joint efforts of the three Peugeot design centers located […]

  • Peugeot Revived The Name Of The Gti For Charged Hatchbacks

    Peugeot revived the name of the GTI for charged hatchbacks Peugeot has revived the name of the GTI for its "charged" models, representing the "Hot hatch" prototype 208 GTI, which, according to representatives of the brand, should be an ideological successor to produced in the 80s of the last century of the legendary car 205 […]

  • Peugeot Returns To The Origins: A New Retro Logo

    Peugeot returns to the origins: a new retro logo It seems that in the near future, Peugeot will use the old logo or his retro version. This would mean the biggest changes to its design in a few decades. The current PEUGEOT logo uses since the end of the 1990s. In fact, the "reprehension lion" […]

  • Peugeot Represents Sports Car 308 Racing Cup

    Peugeot Represents Sports Car 308 Racing Cup Engineers Peugeot Sport Used Their Experience and Knowledge to Create The Most Radical Modification of Peugeot 308 GTI by Peugeot Sport Based On The Flagship Hatchback. Deciding Not to Dwell On One Successful Product, They Started Creating A Racing Version Of The Car. This Focus On The Racing […]

  • Peugeot Represents 308 R Hybrid

    Peugeot represents 308 R Hybrid Regardless of the type of body and engine, Peugeot 308 has always been distinguished by an outstanding dynamics, which was even more improved thanks to the universal EMP2 platform. On the same platform created a new plug-in hybrid installation from Peugeot Sport. Power in 500 l.from. In combination with a […]

  • Peugeot Reports About A 16% Sales Growth For 2010 In The World

    Peugeot reports about a 16% sales growth for 2010 in the world Peugeot in 2010. Increased world sales of cars (including machine collectors) compared with 2009. by 16.3% – up to 2 million 142 thousand. PCS. As stated in the company’s report, according to the results of 2010. The share of the world market Peugeot […]

  • Peugeot Releases Accessories For Rcz

    Peugeot releases accessories for RCZ Peugeot RCZ looks very good on paper, but in fact, the French Supercar did not manage to compete with the German Audi TT competition, even despite the fact that the car was launched on the European market for more than a year ago. Now in order to increase the attractiveness […]

  • Peugeot Refuses Dvs In Europe

    Peugeot refuses DVS in Europe Peugeot followed by other automakers is preparing for the full electrification of the model range, but so far this plan applies only to the European market. As AUTOMOTIVE NEWS reports, the French brand will refuse to issue and sell cars with DVS in Europe in 2030. At the same time, […]

  • Peugeot Refreshed Outdoor 308 Gti

    PEUGEOT refreshed outdoor 308 GTI Peugeot officially introduced an updated version of the "charged" hatchback 308 GTI. Hot-hatch received the same updates as the "non-neural" modification of the five-year. After restyling, the model has a new front bumper, another falseradiator grille, as well as a bit changed rear lights. Like the predecessor, the novelty is […]

  • Peugeot Reduces Staff: 5,000 Employees Will Be Fired

    PEUGEOT reduces staff: 5,000 employees will be fired Peugeot believes that the coming 2012 will be difficult, and if earlier it was about the translation of part of employees for part-time, now it was decided not to be limited to semi-dimensions: the company reduces the staff. 5 thousand employees will be fired in France alone. […]