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  • Tesla Model Y And Vw Id.6 Crozz Literally Collided The Forehead In The Forehead (Video)

    Tesla Model Y and VW ID.6 Crozz literally collided the forehead in the forehead (video) On the Chinese Youtube Channel Crash Test published a video of an unusual test, in which Tesla Model Y and Volkswagen ID took part.6 Crozz. During the crash test, experts checked the strength of electrical crossovers during the frontal collision […]

  • Tesla Model Y And Model 3 Will Receive Many New Features

    Tesla Model Y and Model 3 will receive many new features Electric crossover Tesla Model Y and MODEL 3 sedan can soon receive many new updates and functions. Next year, TESLA plans an update for Model 3 and Model Y. Versions of these electrical machines that the company tested in Europe have functions that are […]

  • Tesla Model Y 2019: New Details Of The Inexpensive Electrocrust

    Tesla Model Y 2019: New Details of the inexpensive Electrocrust There is a new information about the future electric crossover Tesla Model Y. According to Ilona Mask, sales of the new model start in 2019. Previously, the first photo Tesla Model Y 2019 was presented, and now the model from Motor1 has been created on […]

  • Tesla Model Y “Changed” On Common Roads

    Tesla Model Y "Changed" on common roads It is known that the electric crossover will be offered at once in four versions. The first such electrocars will appear on the home market in the autumn of next year. The first Tesla Model Y noticed on public roads. The snapshot on which the feed of the […]

  • Tesla Model X With Autopilot Was Able To Prevent Car Accident

    Tesla Model X with autopilot was able to prevent car accident In the US, a semi-autonomous control system of Tesla helped to avoid accidents and saved life to the MODEL X driver. The auto owner himself wrote about it on the forum. According to the American, he moved on an electric crossover with an inclusive […]

  • Tesla Model X Will Accelerate No Worse Than Gasoline Cars With V8

    Tesla Model X will accelerate no worse than gasoline cars with V8 The electric crossover Tesla Model X will appear on the conveyor in the third quarter of the current year. The manufacturer promises that the car will accelerate no worse than gasoline models with motors V8. According to TESLA, electro-SUV will gain the speed […]

  • Tesla Model X Turned Into An Extreme Suv

    Tesla Model X turned into an extreme SUV Tesla Model X crossover can be called the off-road model purely formally. Yes, he has a four-wheel drive, and the clearance can be increased to 211 mm, but it is not worth the outstanding abilities in the dirt. So it is not surprising that the electric car […]

  • Tesla Model X The First Of The Electrocars Crossed The Sahara

    Tesla Model X The first of the electrocars crossed the Sahara Tesla Model X crossover became the first electric car that crossed the Sahara desert. The model made it within the framework of the Budapest-Bamako rally, which begins in the capital of Hungary, and ends in the capital of Mali. Travel Diary Completed His Team […]

  • Tesla Model X Ripped In The Trash Lamborghini Aventador And Installed A New World Record

    Tesla Model X ripped in the trash Lamborghini Aventador and installed a new world record What progress has come?! Tesla Model X P100D Ludicrous won on the international race track in Palm Beach, having met one-on-one in a duel with Lamborghini Aventador SV. The race was held according to the rules of dragorecing on a […]

  • Tesla Model X Prepared For Off-Road

    Tesla Model X prepared for off-road Delta 4?4, specializing in the development of accessories for SUVs, prepared a set of updates for the Tesla Model X electrocar. Essentially, the electric cross of the American company received only a set of exclusive wheels, with a dimension of 20 inches, which "shoes" into special tires. In fairness, […]