Daihatsu Showed A Little Tractor


Daihatsu Showed A Little Tractor

IN OUR COUNTRY, CARS OF THE BRAND DAIHATSU FOR SOME REASON ARE NOT SOLD. Whether in the Leadership of this company, They Decided That This Is Exclusively Their, Japanese Brand. Whether The Are Afraid That We Will Not Like Their Design … And Meanwhile, In Japan, Daihatsu IS A Very Popular Brand, Which Also Makes "Brave" Cars. And On The Motor Show in Tokyo, Daihatsu Was One of the Most Interesting Stands.

Perhaps The Most Fun Exhibit Was A Model Called Daihatsu FC Deck. IF You Look At The Photo, It Sems That This Is a Huge Tractor, Which Should Carry Loads Weighting A FEW DOZEN TONS. However, in fact, this is a compact model, which is also powered by hydrogen (in general, the hydrogen theme has become one of the trends of Tokyo-2013 – it’s only worth remembering Toyota plans to start in 2015 the production of the FCV model – you can read more about it in the material "Hydrogen comes to shift electric cars").

The playground in the back of the body is suitable for anything. You can put a cargo compartment and deliver the goods around the city, and you can turn the FC Deck into the house on wheels. Moreover, FC Deck can be used as an autonomous power plant – one hydrogen refueling is enough for an average Japanese home for one family at least a few days. The last "chip" also became a sustainable trend in Japan – apparently, automakers will soon make serious competition to traditional power plants. Mass Production? Japanese do not answer this question. According to them, FC Deck is the burden for the future.

But the Daihatsu Deca Deca model can go to the series soon. We have not yet gotten used to such machines, but the Japanese have long appreciated the beauty of the so-called "Kay-Karov". These peculiar "cubes on wheels". After all, it is in the cars of this format that the entire free space of the car is used as efficiently. And the creators of Deca Deca say they managed to make the most spacious car in this segment.

Well, the closer Kopen was closest to the serial production. This is also a small car with a length of only 3395 mm, which is designed for a maximum of two persons. The engine is provided only one (also with a volume of 660 cm / cube), the chassis from Kay-Karov. But Kopen is different from all other cars not only in the absence of the roof (it, by the way, can be delivered). His main "chip" is removable body panels from plastic different colors. That is, if desired, the buyer of such a car will be able to buy several sets of "clothes" for their "pet" and change him an appearance at least every week. And no one forbates to make you "bright top, dark bottom" or vice versa. In general, a car for creative people.

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