Daihatsu Will Show In Tokyo Concept Fc Sho Case


Daihatsu will show in Tokyo concept FC SHO CASE

On the Tokyo Motor Show Daihatsu will show the original concept – Mini Van FC SHO Case.

This miniature super-ecological car is equipped with unique fuel cells using cheap liquid fuel, for which no metals are required. Their charge is enough for a long time, and they themselves are compact enough to accommodate under the floor of the mini-van.

With a length of 3395 mm, a width of 1475 mm, an altitude of 1900 mm and a wheelbase of 2450 mm FC SHO Case amazingly spacious. This is achieved at the expense of smooth floor and folding chairs.

In addition to FC SHO Case, Daihatsu will present two more concepts in Tokyo: a miniature d-x sports car with a two-cylinder turbo engine and is emphasized by Spartan Salon and Pico Double Electric Car in a category between motorcycles and cars.

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