“Dakar” Again Loses Titled Favorites

"Dakar" again loses titled favorites

It becomes obvious that the return of Peugeot in Dakar will definitely not be triumphal. After the fourth day of the marathon in the fet of the French, only two crews remained.

Transition to the sands of the hottest desert of the world – Atakama – brought new problems to PEUGEOT pilots. So, if after the third day of the race, the winner of Dakar 2010 and the two-time world champion in the Rally Carlos Sainnes came close to the podium, then the day later – stopped the struggle. For 32 km of 315 kilometer, Sains stopped, as it turned out, there were problems with turbocharging on his buggy. It was not necessary to count on operational assistance did not occur, because trucks on this day had another route long 174 km. Let Matador still waited for Assistance and after repair without any help got to Bivouak, the team decided to make a crew.

However, this is not all problems peugeot at the fourth stage. Debutant in the standings of cars Siril Dere and did not reach the finish line 9 km. In his case, the clutch problems prevented. The malfunction was worth the depth more than four hours of loss. Pill Peugeot almost sweetened the most titular pilot "Dakar" Stephen Petransel. At the fourth hundred, he walked with the best time, but at first Stefan did not calculate the speed when jumping from the springboard and eventually landed on the nose of the car, damaging the front part. Later Petranshel also puncture the wheel. The result was the fifth result in Dopé and an additional five minutes 48 seconds loss. After four days Petranshel only 12th and loses the leader 1 hour 18 minutes.

As for the leader of the race, the Al-Attiya Nasser continues to be. If on the third day of the race, he looked a little rivals to himself, showing the fourth result, then on the fourth day, winning a special examiner, not only returned lost, but also increased the separation to 8 minutes 15 seconds.

The leader of the first day – Orlando Terranov, winning the third day of the race, made his way through the third place in three days, but the day later, faced technical problems that the Argentine was gathering. This is the second serious malfunction in the MINI X-RAID team, such, perhaps, with ultra-home prototypes did not have happened before.

The second position continues to confidently hold the Zhionel de Villes on Picapaya Toyota. The most experienced South African sufficiently broke away from the third pilot and with any mistake of Nasser is ready to capture leadership. Moreover, how to win in Dakar, the Zhionel knows.

But the debutant of Dakar was suddenly some unexpectedly made his way from Saudi Arabia Yazid Al-Raji, who knows the fans of a classic rally well. After the third day of the race, he went to the fifth position, and already on the finish of the fourth day became the third.

Rally "Dakar-2015", Results after su4
  Pilot The country A car Time H: Min.from
one Nasser al-Atti Qatar Mini All4 Racing 12:30.44
2 Zhionel de Villers South Africa Toyota Hilux +00:08.15
3 Al-Raji Yazid Saudi Arabia Toyota Hilux +00:23.33

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