“Dakar”, Day 9th: Al-Atti Nasser Breaks Forward

"Dakar", day 9th: Al-Atti Nasser breaks forward

Toyota pilots complicate their position in the ninth day of the marathon. The nearest persecutor of Zhinel de Villes because of the dust could not find a checkpoint for a long time, on what, he said, lost 15 minutes. At the finish of the ninth day, the South African admitted that the struggle for the first place was finished for him. Waying almost 24 minutes for the remaining days, only if the Nasser has technical problems with his mini.

Al-Raja Yazid also lost time, and, and in relation to Zhinel. Perhaps the pilot will focus on his third position, because for the debut race such a result is a real achievement.

Peugeot pilots continue to fight in Dakar, but this time the failure pursued the leader of Stephen Petranshel team. At the stage he damaged the right fist of his buggy. Parts on board did not turn out, but they were visiting a teammate Siril Dere. For repairs, more than three hours and Petransel dropped to the 14th position in the absolute standings.

But Siril Dew spent his best stage by car. Despite the fact that his buggy was loaded by spare parts, as well as a loss of time when transferring the hub of Petranshel, Dew finished with the ninth time in Dop. This is the best result for Syrila in a short career of a pilot of a car in Dakar.

Rally "Dakar-2015", Results after SU9 (First Five)
  Pilot The country Mark Time H: Min.from
one Nasser al-Atti Qatar Mini All4 Racing 31:29.38
2 Zhionel de Villers South Africa Toyota Hilux +00:23.58
3 Al-Raji Yazid Saudi Arabia Toyota Hilux +00:39.29
4 Khshtof Holovechik Poland Mini All4 Racing +01:17.41
five Eric Van Lohon Netherlands Mini All4 Racing +02:41.46

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