“Employment” Ford After Restyling Got A New Engine

"Employment" Ford after restyling got a new engine

In South Africa, an updated Ford Figo family is presented: Compact sedan and hatchback received changes in design, as well as a new gasoline engine.

For the first time, Ford’s second-hand budget "five-door" was demonstrated in January 2018 in India, and in this country a restyling model made his debut in the "off-road" execution of Freestyle. In early June, the cross-version announced for South America, there is a model of KA. Standard renewed hatch Fords have shown only in the European specification – the premiere of such a compact was held in February (in the old light of the hatchback called KA +; by the way, the European model also appeared a "off-road" version – ACTIVE). Now it came to the turn of South Africa. In Africa, the five-door Figo cross-version has no, but in this market (like in South America and India), in addition to the hatchback, they also sell the "four-year" – the eventable sedan we see for the first time, in other countries this modification has not yet been represented.

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