“Games” Will Be Able To Ride On The New Mercedes-Amg One Before The Real Owners

"Games" will be able to ride on the new Mercedes-AMG One before the real owners

History of hybrid coupe one (1054 l.from., 1400 nm) stretched from 2015, but the junction is close. The Mercedes-AMG division hinted at the premiere of Hypercar in Munich (IAA Mobility, September 7-12). No new new on the car did not report on the car, however, all 275 copies have long been sold out at prices from 2.275 million euros. Forza Horizon 5 can serve as a consolation. Mercedes-AMG assures that the game gives about a two-year "hyperealistic representation" and "delights the level of detail" (video).

At the exhibition Gamescom in Cologne (August 25-27) Microsoft introduced the gameplay (video) and the cover of the game forza Horizon 5, which was decorated with a hypercar. The simulator from Playground Games will be released on November nine on PC and Xbox X / S, One. Pre-orders are accepted at prices $ 79.99-99.99.

According to the specialists from Affalterbach, acceleration, braking, handling, maneuverability and active aerodynamics are reproduced in the game "With the highest accuracy".

"The exclusive livery makes it clear that the car will not be available for purchase in the real world," Mercedes-AMG notes.

Judging by the teasers, the one coupe, unlike other models, does not descend on a parachute, and "hyperealist" jumps back from the transport aircraft directly to visiting asphalt. The hypercar turns out to be in the open world with the landscapes of Mexico, where more than 350 km / h develops no fear of off-road. Its main rivals become Ford Bronco Badlands and Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

"Now we can offer a large group of enthusiasts a unique experience of driving our hypercar the best and most impressive way in the gaming industry," the head of Mercedes-AMG Philip Shimer is summarized.

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