Laferrari Xx Hybrid Will Be Present In December

Laferrari XX hybrid will be present in December

Ferrari brought the hybrid supercar Laferrari XX on tests. Traffic Tests Pass on the Racing Track Adria in Italy. The official premiere of new items should be held in Abu Dhabi in early December.

In the photos, the car is completely hidden under a dense layer of camouflage, but now the great anti-cycle attracts attention. The company notes that the car will be created exclusively for riding along the track. In total, 30 copies of Laferrari XX will be collected.

As for the technical characteristics of the car, the novelty will receive a new suspension and improved electronic systems. Under the hood of the Laferrari XX will be installed 6.3-liter engine V12. Motor power will be 1050 horsepower.

Recall, the British company McLaren officially introduced a new racing supercar McLaren P1 GTR Design Concept, which will be the main competitor to Laferrari. The debut of the car took place at the competition of elegance in Pebble Beach.

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