Nissan Taught Office Chairs “Purchasing Without Driver”

Nissan taught office chairs "Purchasing without Driver"

Nissan has released a video in which the office chairs are shown equipped with the selection of a fleet – a system that allows you to park the car without touching the steering wheel. Chairs can return to the desired place for cotton palms.

The brand specialists were replaced on the chairs standard racks with wheels on special electronic blocks. Wifi module mounted in blocks, which receives commands from a laptop. The laptop, in turn, receives the location data from the chairs from the chambers installed on the walls.

By 2020, the Alliance Renault-Nissan plans to release more than ten cars with offline control systems. According to the project participants, these will be "mass models at affordable prices" for American, European, Chinese and Japanese markets.

One of the latest developments of "Nissan" in the field of autonomous control systems has become the conceptual version of the electric frame LEAF. The car was equipped with 12 cameras, five radars, four laser scanners and many ultrasound sensors, allowing it to move on the highway independently.

Nissan prepared the prototype IDS with the interior of the autonomous car of the future. The concept was equipped with a system that removes the steering wheel, changes the layout of the front panel and unfolds the seats depending on the selected movement mode.

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