Polish Cyclists Began To Finant For Speeding

Polish cyclists began to finant for speeding

Polish cyclist was fined for exceeding the speed on the basis of the picture and photoradar readings, reports TVN24 TV channel.

Curious case occurred with an 18-year-old resident of the town of Koxesin in the north of Poland. The young man had negligence to accelerate to 46 kilometers per hour at a permitted speed of 30 kilometers per hour.

The law in Poland is a tough in relation to cyclists. For riding in a drunk here, they are fined them, deprive of rights, prohibit the use of bike, and in some cases put in prison. According to the latest data, five thousand cyclists are in places of imprisonment throughout Poland. Excessive severity of the current rules recognizes even the General Prosecutor’s Office of the country.

"How can I find out how fast I’m going if I don’t have a speedometer?" – Patrick Valdeok, violator.

It is also unclear how the authorities have calculated his address, as there are no registration signs on the bike. The young man suspects that he recognized his neighbor working in the municipal guard.

In the road police remind that speed limit is valid for all participants in the movement, and cyclists, observing the restrictions, should be guided by intuition.

"This is a subjective feeling, each cycling moved in its own way assesses the speed with which it goes", – recognized at the same time the head of the local traffic police Sebastian Peclaslav.

A fined young man meanwhile did not agree with the fine. The case will be transferred to court.

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