Rklama Nissan Z Proto: Time To Ponostalgate


RKLAMA NISSAN Z PROTO: time to ponostalgate
Rklama Nissan Z Proto: Time To Ponostalgate

Nissan Z Proto show car accepted enthusiastically. The coupe could boast simple, but at the same time the original design with the so-called retrocyttats. In the new advertising of a sports car, the Japanese decided to remind why everything began, showing the "ancestors" of the future coupe.

In the frame, we see how the newest Proto Z drives past cars Z. The picture is accompanied by a very philosophical statement, indicating the continuity and strength of the dream.

As for the appearance of the serial sports car, it could be declassified on patent images filed in the Patent Office of Australia at the end of last week. The coupe on these sketches is repeated a lot of concept car. Exception – recycled radiator grille and other optics.

Rklama Nissan Z Proto: Time To Ponostalgate

So, the overall silhouette and form of a sports car – the modern interpretation of the very first coupe of Nissan 240Z.

We have seen this connection on the presentation of the concept. Serial auto saved her.

Meanwhile, Nissan announced the date of the debut of the new Picap Frontier. Changes will be very global – it is due to the fact that before that the model was not updated for 20 years.

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