Sales Of Hybrid Models Of Nissan And Infiniti Sharply Decreased


Sales of hybrid models of Nissan and Infiniti sharply decreased

Sales of hybrid versions of Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid and Infiniti QX60 Hybrid sharply fell and can leave the lineup. Cars were represented in 2014 at the New York Motor Show and equipped with a 2.5-liter gasoline engine paired with an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery. The total power of the hybrid system is 186 kW (250 l.from.).

Initially, Nissan announced the improvement of hybrids fuel efficiency by 24%, compared with cars equipped with ordinary engines. In particular, the average fuel consumption of 26 miles per gallon (9.04 l / 100 km) was promised for Pathfinder Hybrid (9.04 l / 100 km), and in reality it turned out to be at the level of 19 miles per gallon (12.38 l / 100 km). The standard version of Pathfinder spends 20 miles per gallon (11.76 l / 100 km).

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