Supercar Pagani Huayra First Showed On Video


Supercar Pagani Huayra first showed on video

"Charged" version of the supercar Pagani Huayra filmed a day to the official premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. The car received a prefix in the name Benny Caiola (BC) in honor of the famous car collector. Later, Pagani plans to submit a modification of the novelty in the body Rostter.

The car will come out limited edition. All planned to release no more than 20 copies of the model. New prices start from 2.3 million euros. At the moment, all the copies of the supercar are already open.

The car received 6.0-liter gasoline teturbo engine V12. Motor power is 789 l.from. and 1098 nm of torque. The unit works in conjunction with the seven-step xtrac gearbox. The weight of the car is 1218 kilograms. According to unofficial information, up to 100 km / h car accelerates in 3 seconds.

The supercar is equipped with a massive rear wing, another front bumper, other side skirts, as well as 20-inch wheels in front and 21-inch rear. In addition, the novelty was equipped with an upgraded brake system Brembo, ultralight suspension and an exhaust system from titanium.

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