Tesla Model X Will Accelerate No Worse Than Gasoline Cars With V8

Tesla Model X will accelerate no worse than gasoline cars with V8

The electric crossover Tesla Model X will appear on the conveyor in the third quarter of the current year. The manufacturer promises that the car will accelerate no worse than gasoline models with motors V8. According to TESLA, electro-SUV will gain the speed of 100 km / h "less than 5 seconds," writes Cadadvice.

Representatives of the company do not doubt that Tesla Model X will be faster than the fastest SUV in the world, and will even leave behind many sports cars. The crossover will receive power plants from MODEL S, including P85D with two electric motors and full drive. Thus, the novelty will develop 690 liters. from. and 930 N · m.

Tesla confirmed that the serial version of the crossover will receive "doors-wings", which will make it easier to land in the car even on the most close parking lots. Official photos of the serial version of MODEL X is not yet. Deliveries of car dealers start early next year.

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