The Alfa Romeo Crossover Will Equip A 500-Power Engine


The Alfa Romeo crossover will equip a 500-power engine

The top version of the first in the history of the company Alfa Romeo Crossover, which will compete BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Porsche Macan, equip the turbocharged gasoline "six" with a capacity of about 500 horsepower. Reports about it AUTOEXPRESS Edition.

In the range of engine engines, which is expected to be called Giulietta Cross, will also include 350-housing turbodiesels and several four-cylinder engines. There is no information about the last of them yet.

Last year, it was announced that in the development of new engines of Alfa Romeo will help Ferrari. This year information appeared that the Alpha models will be equipped with Ferrari Motors. The release of the crossover is scheduled for 2016.

In addition, the Alpha plans also include the release of a large SUV, which will be close to, for example, Volvo XC90.

Both sacrifice will be built on the basis of a new modular chassis that will be produced in the rear and all-wheel drive modification. It was originally assumed that the Jeep models platforms are used for these new products, but subsequently it was decided to refuse. In the concern "Fiat", it is calculated that it will help to make "Alpha" independently.

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