The Final Race Indycar Stopped For Fans

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The final race Indycar stopped for fans

The Final Race Indycar Stopped For FansThe final stage of the ADYCAR series on speedback in the fountain was suspended in order to ensure the spectacular ending of the championship. This was told by the Racing Director of the American Championship of Bo Barfield in an interview with Speed TV. Immediately after Barfield threw the Red Flag, the arrival participants came to confusion, but after the finish, they did not challenge the decision.

"Red flag in indycar? For us, this is a new procedure – quotes the winner of the race in California Ed Carpenter AutoSport. – Well, for me everything ended well, so I’m not against ".

The reason for stopping the stage was the accident Tony Kanana, in which the Brazilian fell in 10 laps to the finish. Pilot KV Racing crashed into the wall and broke the car – the fragments from the car drank the road fabric. Usually, yellow flags hang in such situations in IndyCar, and the peloton is going for pace-car. Instead, arrival at Oval Auto Club Speedway was interrupted to give Marshals the opportunity to lead the autodrome.

"Accurate before the accident of the Canana, I told my guys in the board control booth, I will stop the race if someone crashes over the next 10 circles," said Barfield. – Rule number clearly prescribes the possibility of the appearance of a red flag in the race. I discussed with the teams the likelihood of such a development of events before, but, of course, we cannot provide every possible racing scenario when we say it at our meetings ".

Barfield pointed out that if he had released a safety car on the track, she would drive a peloton to the end of the race. According to the rule "green and white-checkered" after the care of Pais-Kara, Marshals would have to raise the green flag, meaning the resumption of struggle, and already in the next round, throw away the white, which signals that the pilots remained to pass only one circle. Barfield found that such an ending of the final stage will not suit the fans who want to watch the full-time confrontation on the highway. The appearance of the Red Flag helped Bo increase the distance of the real struggle to six more circles.

"Judging by the reaction of the audience, who remained in the stands and began to changing the United States, Barfield’s decision was very popular, – Posted by Indycar Robin Miller Observer in his column. – I remember times when three thousand fans came to the IRL race in the fountain – this time I saw about 30 thousand fans. And they appreciated the show ".

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