The Fired Chief Physician Of Formula 1 Threatened To Expose Fia

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The fired chief physician of Formula 1 threatened to expose FIA

The Fired Chief Physician Of Formula 1 Threatened To Expose FiaFormer chief physician of Formula 1 Gary Hartstein threatened to expose the activities of the International Automotive Federation (FIA) to retaliation for their own dismissal. An American wrote about this in his twitter.

"I am breaking the righteous malice. For the sake of receiving answers to my questions, I can run a large-scale dripping – or tell everything around the world that is actually going on in the FIA medical service. Understand: I’m not just sad, I am really angry. I don’t know when and under what circumstances, but the clouds will surely dispel – and then the explosion is hit, "- quotes Hartstein ESPN. At the time of this writing, you failed to detect these recordings on Twitter.

Until the end of the 2012 season, Hartstein worked as a rescue brigade coordinator – Jean-Charles drinks a medical delegate of FIA. Before the work of the medical service on racing Formula 1, Professor LED Watkins was headed. The pilots liked the work of Hartstein: after the news of his removal riders demanded to explain the reason for such a step. Whether they got the answer from FIA, not reported.

"Bernie Ecclestone has no relation to my dismissal. Moreover: the situation is categorically not satisfied. The initiators were the President of the International Automotive Federation and the President of the Medical Commission, "the Hartstein clarified. Currently, the French president is French Jean Todt, and the Medical Commission is headed by his compatriot Gerari Saylan.

The reason for the removal of Hartstein has not yet been announced. Earlier in the press there were assumptions that the American was deprived of positions in the framework of the "Opprantsusivization" policy, which he holds Jean Todt. "I have no idea who FIA will prescribe to my position. Perhaps they will not seem to look for a replacement at all, but simply shift all the functions on local doctors, "wrote Gary Hartstein.

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