The First Arabic Supercar Will Receive Opening The Door

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The first Arabic supercar will receive opening the door

The first Arabic supercar Lykan Hypersport, developed by the Lebanese company W Motors, will receive the door to the direction of movement. At the moment, this design of doors is not used on any modern sports car. The conceptual version of the model was first shown at the beginning of the current year in Qatar, and in November, the premiere of the serial instance will be held at Dubai Motorshow.

Coupe Lykan Hypersport, which creators call the most exclusive car in the world, was developed for six years. In the building of the supercar, the German tuning studio RUF was attended by its refinement Porsche, the Austrian manufacturer of components Magna Steyr, as well as Viotti and ID4Motion, which were engaged in modeling and creating electronic systems.

Arabic supercar will be equipped with a six-cylinder opposite engine with two turbocharger, developing 750 horsepower and 1000 Nm of torque. Lykan Hypersport is capable of typing the first "hundred" in 2.8 seconds, and its maximum speed exceeds 390 kilometers per hour.

The novelty will receive LED lighting, inlaid diamonds, three-dimensional holographic display, interactive dashboard and seats with stitching with golden threads. The cost of Lykan HyperSport will be 3 million 400 thousand dollars.

Initially, W Motors planned to collect only seven copies of the model. However, soon after the premiere of the supercar, the manufacturer received more than a hundred applications (including from Russia) from those who wish to purchase a car. This forced the Lebanese to think about the possible increase in the volume of release. Anyway, the initial batch of supercars will get to Arab customers, the first of which will be Sheikh Qatar Yavan Bin Hamad Al-Tanya.

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