The First “Kamaz” Was 40 Years Old

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The first "KAMAZ" was 40 years old

February 16, 1976, six years later and two months after the official start of the construction of KamAZ, with the only then thread of the main assembly conveyor of the automotive factory, the first trucks are now world famous brand. They immediately sent to Moscow to represent the delegates to the next CPSU Congress. The car of the first model of KAMAZ-5320 per room 0000001 after several years of operation in one of the auto believes of Bashkiria was redeemed by its creators and now as a current museum exhibit is kept in the Scientific and Technology Center, going to the service only on the days of his anniversary or in other solemnCases.

The 210-strong diesel engine drives in motion, he took the load to eight tons on his shoulders. The wheel formula of the first car 6×4. The high operational and technical properties of the car allowed it to develop speed up to 80-100 km / h depending on the magnitude of the gear ratio of the main transfer. The acceleration time at full load from a speed of 20 km / h to 60 km / h did not exceed 45 seconds, and when moving with a trailer – 60. The reserve of the fuel control consumption was 1040 km. Overcome up with full load – 35%. KAMAZ-5320 was operated in a wide range of climatic conditions at air temperatures from +50 to -40 degrees.

Today, as part of the State Corporation Rosek, KamAZ continues to climb, introducing a new model range. According to its technical characteristics, the new generation of KAMAZ cars is not inferior to European counterparts, but at the same time much cheaper than its competitors and faster pays off in operation with much less. The flagship of the "new line" – the main tractor KAMAZ-5490 – in 2014 was recognized as the best commercial car in Russia.

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