Toyota Mirai Recognized As “Green” Car Of The Year

Toyota Mirai recognized as "green" car of the year

At a special press conference in the framework of the New York International Motor Show Jury Competition "World Car of the Year" (World Car of the Year) announced Toyota Mirai Winner in the category "Best Eco-Friendly Car of the World" (World Green Car of the Year).

The prestigious international competition "World Car of the Year" is held since 2005 in New York. In 2016, the jury included 73 car top journalists from 23 countries of the world. In addition to Toyota Mirai, the Toyota Prius of the new generation also successfully overcame the preliminary selection and hit the three finalists of the competition.

"As a recognized leader in the field of hybrid developments, we are especially pleased to get such a significant award," says Karl Shlicht, Vice President "Toyota Motor Europe" on sales and marketing. – "The title" The best eco-friendly car of the year "is a recognition and assessment of the long-term Toyota plans for the development of fuel cell technology – a convincing, safe, reliable solution leading to the creation of flawless ecotransport of the future"!

Already today, looking in the next 100 years of development of automotive technologies, Toyota has created a car with truly unique properties. Suffice it to say that the exhaust of the new Toyota Mirai is absolutely clean water vapor and nothing more. That is why this revolutionary development is not just a car, but part of the global hydrogen power system of the near future. In addition to high-tech power installation and outstanding environmental indicators, Toyota Mirai offers customers exciting driving characteristics, an attractive futuristic design, as well as a high level of comfort.

Presented in Europe in September 2015 Toyota Mirai is already available to buyers of Great Britain, Germany and Denmark. In the near future, sales of this progressive eco-friendly model start in Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. In addition, Toyota Mirai is also offered in the markets of Japan and the USA.

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