Uaz Will Call Patriot Suvs Due To Brake Problems


UAZ will call Patriot SUVs due to brake problems

Russian company UAZ will call 4297 cars. Under the service share are popular SUVs Patriot, pickups, as well as low-tonnage trucks based on Patriot. All cars were implemented on the Russian market from March 23 to May 26, 2015. This is reported to "Izvestia" with reference to Rosstandart.

Review campaign was announced due to a potential marriage when assembling machines. According to the ministry, there is a chance that brake hoses were incorrectly installed in some models. This malfunction can cause damage to the brake hoses, the pressure drop in the main brake circuit of the car system and, as a result, the failure of the brakes.

"In the manufacture of vehicles, it is almost impossible to eliminate the appearance of the defects of assembly or malfunctions of some components. Timely detection of the automotive company of a possible defect or malfunction, development and adoption in connection with these corrective measures, as well as the direction of the relevant notice to the supervisory authorities and not only the legislative norm, but also evidence of the conscientiousness of the automotive company, "- explained to Rosstandart.

All work to eliminate the defect will be held in official dealer centers. On vehicles will be checked the correctness of the installation of brake hoses and, if necessary, adjust their location. All repair work will be carried out for free for owners.

In early July, UAZ decided to withdraw 3036 cars. Under the service share of 13 modifications of Buckka van: 29891, 390995, 374195, 220695, 2989, 330365, 390945, 3962222, 396222, 396222. All cars were implemented on the Russian market from March 1 to April 15, 2015. In Rosstandart, noted that on the specified vehicles during the assembly period, it was possible that the torque of the tip fastening nuts to the steering tile was not settled.

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