Volkswagen Multivan – The Best Car With Full Drive

Volkswagen Multivan – the best car with full drive

As part of the annual competition held by the most popular magazine Germany on all-wheel drive cars Autobild Allrad, readers have chosen the best cars from 170 models presented in 10 nominations. The winner in the class of off-road vehicles and buses has already been the Volkswagen Multivan, which received 37% of the vote, and which showed the best result in the whole competition.

The award was awarded at a solemn ceremony in Frankfurt prof. Tomas Edigu, members of the Volkswagen Board Commercial Cars responsible for managing frames.

And the mass production of Volkswagen Multivan Panamericana – a car that combines the Multivan comfort with the Pentium of the present SUV will begin. Thus, in the line of all-wheel drive models of the T series, one will appear, especially the attractive option.

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