Volkswagen Wants To Install A New Circle Record On The Nürburring For Electric Cars


Volkswagen wants to install a new circle record on the Nürburring for electric cars
Volkswagen Wants To Install A New Circle Record On The Nürburring For Electric Cars

After several months of development and testing, Volkswagen officially introduced an updated racing car ID.R, which will try to establish a new circle record for electric vehicles on the legendary north loop in Nürburgring.

Since Nürburgring is very different from Trasi in Pikes, where ID has previously been submitted.R, designers and engineers of the company made significant changes in the car, including a new package of aerodynamics, allowing to develop higher speed.

According to Volkswagen Motorsport Technical Director, Francois-Xavier Dmaissa, ID.R will need to move at an average speed exceeding 180 km / h, and in some areas the racing car will develop 270 km / h.

In addition to the new aerodynamic package, including some know-how from Formula 1, ID.R also revised the power plant that was specially adapted for Nürburgring. In particular, the energy management system was optimized that controls the power of electric motors and the system of regenerative braking.

Power installation ID.R produces a combined power in 671 liters.from. and 650 nm of torque, accelerating the all-wheel drive car up to 100 km / h in just 2.25 seconds and the maximum speed of 270 km / h.

Note that the current circle record among electric cars on Nürburgring belongs to the NiO EP9 model, it was installed in 2017 and is 6 minutes 45.90 seconds.

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